If after 20 minutes we cannot settle your child we will come & get you from the event. You are then welcome to stay with the child until they are settled or remove them from the crèche.

    Our insurance will not allow us to prescribe any tablets, medicine or any other form of medication including insulin whilst the children are in our care.

    We can supervise feeding, although we don’t provide food. We can provide water or low sugar squash by arrangement if it has been agreed to by the parents/guardians.

    Some of our customers pay for the whole service for their guests, and some ask the parents/guardians to contribute towards the cost, it is completely up to you, after all, it is your event! We do require payment in full at least 10 working days prior to the event.

    You can find some guideline prices on our ‘Prices’ page which outlines the services we provide. For an exact quote we will need to speak with you to discuss your specific requirements. We have no ‘hidden costs’ and we will be very clear and honest with you about pricing from the very start to ensure there are no unexpected bills! If you have a budget in mind we are more than happy to put together a package for you based on that.

    We follow OFSTED guidelines on child:adult ratios as follows: 0-2 years 1:3 2-5 years 1:4 5-8 years 1:8

    We are more than happy to care for them too! We will need to discuss their requirements in more detail prior to the event to ensure we have suitable care in place such as wheelchair access.

    We can care for children aged 0-8 years.

    We are a crèche facility that travels to you! Wherever you are holding an event, party or celebration we will come to the venue, set up our crèche and care for the children whilst you enjoy your celebrations in a nearby room.

    You can place your child on our waiting lists using our convenient Electronic Day Care Placement System.You can learn all about our waiting list and enrollment process on our Registration Page. Wait lists are available for each program; being placed on a wait list does not ensure a space, but does place clients in order of priority. It is advisable for clients to keep in touch with us if the date of birth and child’s name could not be provided at the time of their initial contact. A space can only be considered ‘confirmed’ when a pre-registration fee has been accepted by Kingston Day Care; this payment holds the space and is non-refundable. Child Care will not be provided “in lieu” in the event a client has paid a pre-registration fee and then later chooses to forfeit that space.”

    No, we are unable to provide this system. Fees are on a “as per child” basis.

    Parents are responsible for providing their child’s diapers and any infant related food that the child may still be requiring. Once the infants are able to eat pureed table food, all meals are provided for by the day care. Whole milk is given to both the infant and toddler groups; once the children turn preschool age they are given 2% milk. Parents are responsible for providing baby bottles for their child. It is a good idea for parents to supply a change of clothing which can be left at the day care in the event their child require a change. Indoor shoes are also requested. Please be sure to send sun hats and sunscreen for daily use during summer months and nice warm clothing for outdoor play during colder weather. Kingston Day Care provides tooth brushes, baby wipes, blankets and bedding for each child in our care. A highly nutritious menu is planned for each day which is in compliance with Canada’s Food Guide. A morning “breakfast type” snack, a full course meal at lunch, and an afternoon snack are all provided daily. St. Martha Child Care Centre and Collins Bay Child Care Centre are allergy safe environments. All baby bottles used in the child care centre must be Bisphenol A (BPA) free.

    We do our best to be supportive of the working parent and at the same time, operate within the health standard guidelines mandated by Kingston Public Health. If a child is feeling somewhat under the weather but is able to function within the program we will allow them to remain. Communicable illnesses, other than colds, require exclusions which are determined by Kingston Public Health. We will administer medications such as antibiotics providing proper procedures are followed. (Please refer to the heading ILLNESS in the Policy Section for details.)

    The majority of our staff are graduates of the Early Childhood Education Program. All of our staff members are trained in Infant and Child C.P.R. It is mandatory for each employee to undergo a formal Criminal Background Check. Ongoing professional development is provided to staff of Kingston Day Care.

    The child/staff ratios for each age grouping are as follows:

    1. 1 educator for every 3 infants (birth to 18 months)
    2. 1 educator for every 5 toddlers (18 months – 2.5 yrs)
    3. 1 educator for every 8 preschoolers (2.5 to 5 yrs)
    4. 1 educator for every 12 school age children (less than 6 yrs)
    5. 1 educator for every 15 school age children (6-12 yrs)

    Yes, it is a Ministry of Children and Youth Services mandate that there must be a scheduled rest period for the infants, toddlers and preschoolers. We recognize that some preschool children will not be comfortable about nap time and we are respectful of this. Quiet activities are provided for children who are unable to nap and calming music is played throughout this period of time to help the children relax and feel at ease with the rest period. (NOTE: Children (6-12 years) who are enrolled in one of our school age programs are not required to have this rest period.)

    Yes. The first step for clients seeking subsidy from Child Care Programs, City of Kingston involves first ensuring that Kingston Day Care has an available space at one of our locations. The next step is to complete the Confirmation of Space form at your chosen site; Kingston Day Care will then submit the form on your behalf. Upon receipt of the Confirmation of Space form, Child Care Programs will make contact with the client to set up an appointment. Clients seeking subsidy from Prince Edward – Lennox and Addington (1-888-354-0114) or United Counties of Leeds and Grenville (1-800-267-8146) are to contact them directly to begin their process.

    Yes, fees are paid during all absences; once a space is confirmed, it is payable whether the child attends or not